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With new high speed Internet access available from the local Telephone Services and Cable providers, there is no need and certainly no time for Dial-up access.

High Speed access from home is only slightly more money than your current dial-up provider, but you get so much more for the money.

Utilize wireless technology, and you can access the Internet and E-mail from anywhere in your home and outside the home, and you can network as many PC's as you wish...

We provide complete installation and support for Home Networks, as well as PC installation and upgrade support for all your needs. Call us for more information.


Notice: If you think your PC is currently infected with a Virus or a Worm, Don't Wait to get it repaired. Network Associates has a great tool for detecting and deleting all of the current viruses and worms - it's called STINGER, and it can be downloaded from their Web Site. Click on the link below, and download Stinger today. Stinger - virus detection